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The headphones sits 1.85 cm high and the widest point is 2.8 cm. Despite its delicate look, it is heavy & sturdy and has a great stability and sound. It has a rubber cup ear tip fitting for better comfort. With sides of 2 cm for a snug fit, air circulation and easy adjustments.

Width (widest point) 1.85 cm
Height 2.8 cm
Volume  5.1 cm
Hole diameter 2.5 cm

Finish Options

This headphone comes in a finishing options in black. Please check the image to see our finishing option.

  • Matte Black Sweat-Proof with smooth texture
  • Soft rubber ear tips (s, m, l)
  • USB charging cable
  • Storage bag


"I am very impressed with the RunBud wireless Bluetooth Headphones. The sound quality is amazing with surprisingly deep, low base and crisp mids/highs. The noise canceling aspect definitely makes a noticeable deference as well, which is comparable to my noise canceling Bose headphones. They also stay firmly in place in your ear during any physical activity. I have used them during workouts, while driving in the car (just 1 earbud for phone calls), and also when I crash out on the bed and fall asleep to some music. They have a sleek, modern design, nice packaging, and come with simple clear instructions for pairing with any Bluetooth device. Now that I have gotten used to these wireless earbuds, I can't imagine going back to bulky headphones or wired earpieces!"
by James
"I was so skeptical about these headphones because they are so small and I didn't think they would have a good quality sound. But, I was WRONG! They are great for the gym as the noise canceling makes you feel like you are in a concert! It keeps me focused and killing my workout! I love them and can't go to the gym without them! They last me about two gym sessions, but my gym sessions are about 2 hours long. I usually just charge them off my computer, takes less than an hour."
by Steven
"Design quality, Customizability, Feature Availability, Flexibility and an oustanding Costumor Support. Really!"
I originally thought the concept of earbuds was beyond bizarre, especially for a person of my age ! I'm a older man who was willing to try a new experience .. and I can only say it is has been overwhelming !!! I have used them to answer calls on my iPhone and to listen to my music stored on the phone. The clarity that they produce is exceptional.... I hear better using them than simply attempting to listen to my music without them. It must be because these earbuds block out all the extraneous sound around me...What a treat !...I feel like I'm in the studio with the artist I'm listening to while the song is being recorded. When speaking on the phone the clarity of my conversation is sensational...even if I only keep an earbud in a single ear. Besides the quality of the devices the packaging is outstanding especially if I wanted to purchase another set as a gift for a friend or even a family member! I have to sincerely thank Volume Maker for the excellent level of customer service. They have kept in contact with me from the moment of ordering through to delivery. I actually felt like I had a personal representative keeping me apprised of all aspects of the delivery process... that really made me feel special.... and having these earbuds ARE TRULY SPECIAL!
These RunBud worked amazingly to me. I used to have the traditional wired ones but it really was annoying. Not only because of the wires but I had to have my cellphone always next to me. Now I can work out without any worries. I put my phone 25 foot away from me and it works perfectly. I can also finish all my exercises without touching my ears. The sound of this little device has surprised me, it's perfect and potent. I really recommend it!
Wow. These are so amazing. Very comfortable, light weight. Great sound.I'm very impressed with this product. Seller was very precise on following through with delivery of product. I will highly recommend these to everyone. I wear them all the time. A must have for everyone. Grab a pair of these while they are hot. Don't miss out on these.

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The RUNBUD Wireless Headphones